TANGOPERA is one of the studio brand of I. Kerem Öksüz

ELENA OKSUZ – (Elena Maykhrych)
Instructor – Dancer – Designer

Elena Oksuz is an awarded animation and illustration designer with a master’s degree in art and design from Lviv Polytechnic University. 

She has more than 13 awards from Europe and America in the field of animation and illustration.

In the field of Argentine Tango:
*Argentine tango Instructor diploma from the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey.

*Contest award:  IFAT (International Federation of Arg. Tango) FB Fest.


Founder – Instructor:
Tangopera Studios – Istanbul since1998,
Danspera – Istanbul since 2011  and  Kerem Elena Champions Dance AC – Lviv 2020.

If you are in tango long time, I am sure that you heard about Turkish tango community.
They says that it is one of the biggest tango community and dance level, after B.A.
Mr. Oksuz,

among the first tango teachers in Turkey and one of the creators of the Turkish tango community. 

*Main speciality : Argentine Tango as Instructor, Referee, Choreographer, Performer (dancer,  singer), Organizer, TangoDJ
*Subspecialties : Social latin dances, world dances as instructor and choreographer  
(During his carrier, he worked as a teacher and choreographer in many different universities, colleges, companies, tv channels and festival organizations. He prepared dance choreographies in tango, social latin dances and world dance styles.)

          Sertifikalar – Diplomalar
UNESCO – CID, International Dance Council
          Membership Certificate as Ilker Kerem Oksuz
          Membership Certificate  as Kerem & Elena Champions Dance Academy 
IDO, International Dance Organization, U.K.
           Argentine Tango, Professional  Teacher of Dancing Certificate
TDSF, Turkish Dance Sports Federation, Turkey
           Argentine Tango Dance Coaching  Certificate
           Salsa Social Latin Dances Coaching Certificate
           Salsa – Social Latin Dances Referee Diploma
           Argentine Tango – Social Standard Dances Referee Diploma
T.R. Ministry of National Education, Turkey 
        Social Latin Dances Certificate
Leadership School Education Inc. – International Association for Coaching® (AC)
         Professional Life Coaching Certificate
         Psychology Specialization Certificate
         NLP Practitioner Certificate

           Organization member:
CID, International Dance Council, UNESCO
IDO, International Dance Organization
TDSF, Turkish Dance Sports Federation and Comities:
          Argentine tango Referee Committee – 2 terms.
          Argentine Tango Technical Committee – 3 terms.
TEO (Argentine Tango Instructors and Organizers Association) management board member.

        Contest Awards
IFAT (International Federation of Arg. Tango) FB Fest.

       Some interviews and comments of İlker Kerem Öksüz       

….I already missed Kerem,…
He became a loyal and understanding friend, with depth, humor, and character.
He also symbolized the exotic fusion of Turkish culture and Argentine Tango.

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Kerem Öksüz, who has spent 15 years with tango, is one of the oldest well-known Argentine Tango instructors in Turkey and is still the founder and director of Dans Pera and Tango Pera schools, as well as giving professional support to many companies today and training many amateur and professional dancers for our country…..

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