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Hello everyone in the USA,
I am Kerem Oksuz.
a proud member of UNESCO’s International Dance Council CID.
Instructor, choreographer, performer, referee, tango artist since 1998. 

My wife Elena and I are dedicated tango artists and trainers, hailing from Ukraine and Turkey.
Over the years, we have traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, conducting tango workshops and captivating audiences with our shows.
However, due to the ongoing war situation in Ukraine, we have made the decision to relocate to the USA.

Currently, we are based in Miami, where we conduct regular group lessons.
In addition to our local activities,
we have a strong desire to travel across the country to attend festivals and tango events. Our aim is to share our knowledge, offer exciting workshops, and showcase our shows.
By becoming our students,
*you will benefit from our extensive teaching experience and accelerate your progress towards your desired tango level. Moreover, as a testament to the quality of our instruction,
*you will have the opportunity to earn the prestigious international certificate from UNESCO’s International Dance Council, CID.
We warmly invite you to join us on this thrilling tango journey.
Let’s dance, learn, and create beautiful memories together!

Best regards.

Kerem Oksuz & Elena Oksuz

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Regular Group Tango Lessons / Lviv-Ukraine

MONTAG – MITTWOCH 21:00 – 22:00

Arjantin Tango Basics (Anfänger – Untere Mittelstufe)

FREITAG 19:00-20:00

Tango Woman Technic (alle Level)

FREITAG 20:00-21:00

Tango Vals – Milonga Seminar (Mittelstufe – Fortgeschrittene)


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Compiled playlists of the most popular tango orchestras for tango lovers. ♥ 

Tango Practice  –  Milonga  –  Tango Lesson Musics and more…

Prepared by Tango Dj Kerem Öksüz


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