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Argentine Tango :

Argentine Tango is a social dance and music genre that was born in Buenos Aires in the second half of the 19th century, as a synthesis of different music and dance genres.

Musically, it is divided into Tango, Waltz, Milonga, Tango Milonga, Electronic Tangos.

Tango, Waltz, Milonga, Nuevo Tango are taught with the musical elements of this dance in our Argentine Tango classes.

*Social dances, like speaking a common language, are dances where people who know the same dance can dance and dance in harmony, even if they see each other for the first time, in many parts of the world.


Why Argentine Tango is unbeatable? ♥ 

Because everything you are looking for is in Argentine Tango.

Argentine Tango: Passionate, touching and provocative; Tango means different things to many people. There are many dances for a dancer to choose from among European and international styles, depending on her mood at the moment – the romance of the Waltz, the dynamism of Rock n’ Roll or the carnival-like atmosphere of Samba. Despite its reputation as a melancholy dance, Tango actually embodies all these emotions and more. Tango, born of his life experience in the slums of Buenos Aires, left its humble days behind and rose to the high society places of Paris, but in the eyes of those who gave life to Tango, the slum bars continued to be his real home. And it has always preserved its distinctiveness.


Argentine Tango - Tango Dance Show
Argentine Tango  /  Tango dance show at milonga night.


Argentine Tango Dance Nights – MİLONGA

What is Milonga?

Milonga is both the name given to Argentine tango dance nights and a fast and fun form of tango.

Nearly 30 Milongas are organized in Istanbul in a week. In Turkey, this number is approaching 45.

Milonga dance floor has a traffic, people dance in circles and the middle of the floor is left empty.

Men and women do not memorize and perform their own figures, as is supposed. After each step, a new step is designed and the couples actually produce their own combinations. If we put the show tango in a separate place, in social tango, no one knows the next step, because everything is spontaneous.

Almost all tango nights and milongas are organized by dance schools or instructors in Turkey. Tango players need not drink too much in order not to lose their balance, so the entrance fees for the milongas are adjusted accordingly, and the prices are reasonable.

*A quote from Hürriyet Newspaper about our Tango nights…


Our tango nights – Milonga

Our tango nights as name is Milonga PERA.

We had different milonga nights at since 2001 years. Our main and famous tango night was Milonga Hayal at İstanbul last 15 years.

Now we are organizing the MILONGA PERA at fridays at Lviv / Ukraine.


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